Cari’s SYLE visit to Australia

(‘SYLE’ is an acronym for Servas Youth Language Experience click >>here<< for some background – Ed.)

I’m Carina from Servas Rosario, Argentina. I have lived one of my best travel experiences in Australia. I started the trip a few months before the flight, searching for information, discovering how big and varied is your country and culture. The Servas Australia webside was very useful in planning my trip; I could clearly appreciate host’s location to make contact.

Master chef Geoff

Master chef Geoff

I’ve long dreamed visiting OZ and it was much better than I expected.
I stayed in different cities with Servas members.

In Sydney I stayed in Neryle and Geoff’s house. I’ll never forget the birds sound in their garden!! Neryle taught me to recognize them. I enjoyed some days talking together about aussie culture and tasting gourmet cuisine prepared by Geoff. He’s a very good chef!!

Cari and Caro

Caro and Cari

Then I went to Tasmania where Caroline was waiting for me. I’d like to find the right words to express my feelings… She’s a beautiful woman with a big heart. We talked long hours about our lives and experiences, practicing my poor english. She drove her car across the island, showing me the most important attractions. We visited the mine, the light house, the chocolate factory, the Beach in Bass Strait and many more… Coffee shops and delicious food included. We shared some lovely days in “La casa de mis sueños”, with the wallabies, rabbits and chickens in the garden…I felt very comfortable and peaceful in Tas!!! I miss you Caro! You have to visit me soon! Now I’m speaking english much fluently!!

Townsville with Rita and Gemma

Townsville with Rita and Gemma

After Melbourne and Cairns I went to Townsville to Rita, Gemma and Mat’s house, beautiful family! We enjoyed a relaxing swimming and pizza day! Gemma is 1 years old and tried to talk me in baby language, it was fun! Magui Island is truly magnetic! It amazed me with its bays and nature, and I saw a koala in the wild as I wanted …

After Airlie Beach, Byron Bay and Blue Mountains I returned to Sydney to come back home, Pam and Gil received me in their home, near the pretty Manly Beach. I had a great time in their company… They show me the nearby bays and aboriginal rock art places, where I couldn’t go by my way. Pam did a good job helping me get in touch with the Aussie Servas.

I could tell you many unforgettable moments lived on this trip… Australia is in my heart…
You’re very lucky!!! You have an magnificent country, beautiful beaches, unique wildlife, nice climate and the most important, great people!!!!!
You’re welcome to Argentine.