How it works

Servas operates a network of Hosts worldwide who welcome Servas Travellers of every race, colour, creed and nationality to their homes in order to foster cultural exchange and understanding. Travellers are also Servas members who after a rigorous selection process are able to access Servas hosts worldwide.
Servas hosts offer accommodation only to Servas travellers. A Servas Traveller need not be a Servas Host, and vice versa.

Servas Membership Options

All Servas members receive the quarterly Servas Australia Newsletter and have member voting rights.

Member Only: (interested in Servas but unable to host and not travelling in the current year): Cost $10 per person per year.

Travellers (In the current year travelling abroad and staying with hosts): Travellers are interviewed before they become members and are then issued with a Servas Letter of Introduction or LOI. The LOI entitles them to request accommodation with Servas hosts. Each country issues a host list which is a directory of accredited hosts and has details of accommodation offered, interests and other information.
Travellers normally stay with hosts for a minimum and maximum of two nights unless a host offers to extend the stay.

Travellers pay $10 membership plus $50 traveller fee per person per year. A proportion of each traveller’s fee goes to Servas International to provide an official Servas International traveller accreditation stamp on their Letter of Introduction. The accreditation stamp is valid for one year from the date on which travel commences. The fee also entitles accredited travellers to access the host lists of all Servas International countries they may wish to visit.

Travellers are also requested to provide a simple report on the success or otherwise of their travels, and Servas experiences on their return. These reports can provide valuable feedback with which to fine tune the operation of Servas.

Hosts (Have people from the world stay with you and share life experiences): Cost $10 per person per year. If both persons in a couple which to be members it is $20 per year. Australian hosts can be travellers in Australia at no extra cost.

Hosts do not charge for providing accommodation to travellers, but both hosts and travellers pay a joining fee, renewable on an annual basis.  Hosts commit to provide accommodation for two nights if such a visit is mutually agreeable.  Hosting is voluntary and hosts under no obligation to accept travellers.

Host & Traveller (People who are hosts may in a given year be travellers): The cost will be the same as for travellers i.e. $10 membership plus $50 traveller fee per person per year.