Bob Luitweiler talking about Servas

Bob InterviewInterviews with Bob Luitweiler, the founder of Servas. These interesting interviews were sponsored by Servas Japan and were done by Seishiro Tomioka and Jay Tomioka. They are a great introduction to Servas and in the two last ones, A light in the Dark, Bob talks about where Servas is today and the outlook for the future. You may be surprised by his conclusions!

In the first interview, Bob talks about how Servas started soon after WW11.

SERVAS – the beginning

The Folk High Schools in Scandinavia were highly innovative and alternative at the time.
The Folk High Schools in Scandinavia

Bob talks about his upbringing in New York and his tumultuous school days.

Going to Prison Instead of WAR

In the next two interviews Bob talks about Servas in the computer age and how he thinks Servas will fare in the competitive travel hospitality offerring on the internet.
A Light in the Dark Parts 1 & 2